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INFURN EU-kauppa

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Saksalais/Englantilainen-yritys valmistaa vanhojen designklassikoiden kopioita. INFURN produces famous designer furniture that were designed in the period between 1900 and 1986, which have reached an acclaimed and iconic design status. These timeless and unique classics are the inspiration behind our company. … Lue lisää

Classic Design 24 EU-kauppa

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Brittiläinen verkkokauppa myy “Bauhaus” -huonekalujen kopiota. British on-line shop that offers high quality reproductions of famous Bauhaus furniture. Are you looking for high quality design furniture designed by famous modernists and architects at affordable prices? Do you love the fine … Lue lisää

Interior Addict EU-kauppa

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Brittiläinen verkkokauppa myy design-klassikoiden jäljennöksiä sekä moderneja huonekaluja ja valaisimia. UK on-line shop that offers designer classic reproductions, contemporary furniture and lighting. For some people, furniture is just a tool: a functional object to sit on, eat at or sleep … Lue lisää